"Cheating Husband or Wife, You Deserve the Truth, We will find it"

"Cheating Husband or Wife, You Deserve the Truth hire a private investigator , We will find it"


Tell Tale Signs to look out For

It's a sad and anxious time when you suspect your partner maybe cheating. Some of the more common signs to look out for are, Hiding their mobile Phone, or keeping it on their person, a second phone purchase, change of work pattern, (earlier starts or late finishing),Taking more care in the way they look, Coming home and taking a shower straight away, Un-expected weekends / nights away with no viable reason. Lots of time messaging on social media sites, like Facebook, Watts app or Snap Chat,then deleting messages. A loss of affection or intimacy. Putting you down and making you feel it's all in your mind.

What should you do?

Most people in this situation feel they have nowhere to turn or are embarrassed to even discuss their suspicions of a cheating husband or cheating wife with friends or family. Don't worry, we are very experienced and we don't judge. We are here to help, It cost nothing just to pick up the phone and have a chat, and by doing so it will also give you some sense of relief, just to get it off your chest. Give us a call, hire a private investigator we are here day or night seven day's a week. 

How can I catch them?

Firstly, let's have a chat, talk the situation over. From there we can discuss a surveillance plan to put into action and if your partner is cheating, we will catch them. It could be in a Hotel, their workplace, a bar, nightclub,a nice restaurant, a weekend away, but be rest assured, If they are, our covert surveillance teams will not let you down, and provide all the evidence you need.

My partner drives, can i fit a vehicle tracker?

Yes, is the short answer, Trojan surveillance is the only UK surveillance company authorised to use the same technology in vehicle tracking has some UK police forces and Airlines. A tracker will take around 8 seconds to fit, and we don't need access to the vehicle.

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What will you provide me has evidence they are cheating?

Our surveillance services are provided to  the Legal sector and Private Individuals, Companies and Local Authorities. All our evidence is reliable and provided in the correct legal format for court cases should you have the need to. We will provide you with a full detailed report along with Time and Date stamped video footage and still photographs. This maybe on a USB stick or DVD. 

What are the cost?

At Trojan surveillance we have gained a reputation for what can be frankly said as "Not Ripping clients off", and we don't all the while providing an excellent unquestionable service backed by results. We will discuss your budget, and work where possible to that. It could range from £300 right through into the thousands. Each cases is bespoke and what is important is getting you the result you need at a cost you can afford. 

"Don't Be The Third Person In Your Relationship"

Catch Them Out


No matter where they try and hide our surveillance team will catch them out

You Deserve More


Giving your heart to someone who's cheating hurts more when you know they are lying too Take Action TODAY!

Nothing Stay's a Secret


Don't be the third person in your relationship Catch them out on thier little secret with Trojan Surveillance


"I used Trojan and found the team right from the start extremely helpful. Even after three phone calls, and asking for no money for them, they help put my stress and anxiety at rest. Sadly,they did catch my Husband of 22yrs cheating. They caught him in a pub after taking his fling out for dinner providing me with unquestionable proof. We are divorced now, Joanna from Trojan spoke to me for a few weeks after and we do actually stay in touch now. Thank you everyone, you were wonderful, very professional and understanding during my dark time"

Elaine Pew - Cheshire

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