Covert Spy Camera's Who's Watching Who?

Covert Spy Camera's and hidden camera Who's Watching Who?


Trojan Covert Cameras

In a day and age where more and more people look at the world as a 'Nanny State' the advancements in technology and covert spy camera devices warrants such a statement.

That said, It's also important that people have a choice when it comes to protecting their Family,Assets and Business, with more and more people choosing to install a hidden camera or carry out private investigation work to see what really is going on behind closed doors.


Here at Trojan Surveillance our specialist technical department pride themselves on creating the most advanced state of the art covert camera systems available on the market. All very bespoke, and meticulously tested to ensure durability, quality, and more importantly results.

Why use Covert Camera's?

At Trojan, we are finding an increase in clients looking for covert camera's in a bid to capture evidence of harm, theft, cheating and unauthorised waste disposal. Here is a list of the more common sistuation a Trojan covert camera can help you;

  • Internal Theft
  • Care in the Home or Care Home
  • Child minders
  • Fly Tipping
  • Cheating Partner
  • Property Protection
  • HR Issues in the workplace
  • Fraud taking place
  • Nuisance Neighbours or Youths
  • Harm against Animals
  • Personal Protection (Taxi Drivers / Bailiffs / Emergency Services / Council Workers)

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Our Covert Camera's

Fly Tipping


Maritial Affairs


Safety for the Vulnerable


Disguise in Anyway


Multi Camera Viewing


Workplace Espionage


"You Can't Put a Cost on Your Protection"

Our Covert Camera's

Designed In-House using the latest digital and Wifi Technology, ensuring our clients get them ultimate in HD quality recording

Remote Viewing

All our Covert camera's allow our clients to view in real time from there mobile device or desktop computer


Our covert camera's can be disguised in most household goods or office equipment,making them part of a natural environment 

Indoor - Outdoor

All Trojan covert camera's are durable and can be designed for indoor or outdoor use against any weather conditions

Night Vision

Our military grade technology allows us to capture activity in daylight and also during darkness,there really is nowhere to hide


Depending on client requirements, we can tailor our camera's to also capture the noise / conversations while recording

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