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Combating Fraud


A little about Fraud

We find it one of the more un-excusable forms of crime, and it is disguised in many ways. In some case's right infront of us by elaborate and very convincing con-men & women. 

Every day at Trojan Surveillance, we deal with assignments on behalf of clients from both the Commercial and Industrial sectors, small business's and retailers as well as private individuals dealing with scammers.

Unfortunately in our current climate more and more people's honesty is over come by greed. The insurance sector has seen a sharp dramatic raise in insurance claims. Sadly, many made on false pretenses. Cyber fraud is a massive area of concern at the moment, and many of the larger online retailers such as Facebook, Amazon, PayPal and Google  are working together to combat this. 

How Trojan Surveillance can help

 Our dedicated and highly experianced fraud Investigators are assisting clients on a global scale. We deal with faulse insurance claims such as, medical fraud after a car accident or slip,trip or fall in the work place. We can assist with internal theft,anaylising company accounts for mis-payments to unknown accounts ect. 

The thing with fraud, it all comes down to one thing..."Greed", and once someone does it once and get's away with it, it's hard to stop. 

We can place undercover agents within your workplace, which is always very effective. We can complete 'mystry' shops online or over the phone, see if employee's are offering 'Off the record' deals of your stock and hardwork.

You maybe trying to combat beniftt fruad or sub-letting, which is on the rise and costing landlords hundreds of thousands each year.

What ever your costly situation, Trojan surveillance and our team of dedicated anti-fraud experts have the solution. 


Help me combat Fraud



Common Scams and Fraud Cases

Car Accidents

One of the most common forms of fraud is faluse 'whip-lash' claims after a car accident.Our Surveillance can assist with such claims

Workplace Claims

Trips,Slips & Falls,all common in the workplace for long term sickness and HR issues. But is Pete playing football on Sundays with his bad leg?


Bad backs, Un-aided walking, if they can get away with it they will. Our agents will provided video footage proving otherwise

Internal Theft

Accounts, Shrinkage shortfalls, We can analyse and place covert agents in your workplace to help you get back what's you have worked hard for

Cyber / Credit Card

Creative scams by con artist or a genuine offer? We can dig further and find out who really is offering a deal to good to be true


Car park Spaces, Hotel rooms, Time shares, DO NOT fall victim to one of these investment scams, Fraud can effect everyone,Let us find out the real deal using a number of private Investigation and surveillance techniques, if there is a Fraud Alert, be ready before it's to late

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