Trojan Surveillance - Any Time - Any Town - Any City

Trojan Surveillance private investigation - Any Time - Any Town - Any City


Following a Target abroad

At Trojan surveillance our client base is vast, and as such we have to ensure our highly trained professionals are available to serve you, the client, no matter your location. 

Where the circumstance requires, our agents can be ready to travel anywhere across the globe to maintain surveillance on an target. 

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International Clients

If you are based outside the UK and require any of our surveillance or private Investigation services on a target travelling to the UK, please use the contact us link to make your inquiry. One of our International managers will then assist contact you to see how we can help. Please provide as much details has possible.

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Tracking outside the UK

All our tracking devices work on a global scale. Our unique and advanced platform will allow you to observe any tracker no matter your location. We have current clients across Europe, including Spain, France, Greece& Poland. Clients in Russia and the USA & also Pakistan.

Please note: We do not supply trackers outside the UK for Hire, All International tracking devices are supplied on a full purchase bases,and come with full back office support.

International Trackers

"They can run, but they can't hide"

Were ever they go, we will follow

Trojan's Presence is on a Global Scale

From Cancun to Thailand from New York To London our private investigation and surveillance teams  can get you the results you are looking for by using the latest tactics and equipment.

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