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What Is Vehicle Tracking?

Many companies will tell you what you "Want" to hear or "NOT" what you should hear when it comes to vehicle tracking.

"What" you want to hear is  by having a tracker fitted to your partners vehicle will defiantly catch them upto no good, or if in an employee situation it will catch them out .

Fitting a tracker will get you a result is "NOT" what anyone should be telling you, just to lighten your pockets or bank account.

What is important to understand is this , when we fit a vehicle tracker we are following NOT the person but the vehicle. A tracker is an device that will aid and assist in any surveillance operation, but there is absolutely nothing to confirm that the Target will be the driver, even if it's their own car or a company one. 

Trojan Surveillance Trackers

Trojan Surveillance are very fortunate to have full authorisation from our supplier based in Europe, to use the technology we  do for our tracking dashboards. It is the same system used by a number of UK Police forces specialist units and also an airline who use it to track cargo across the globe.

Advantages of using Trackers?

private investigation and car tracking device go hand in hand. 

 Like we have already said you need to understand a vehicle tracker only follows the vehicle. That said, YES we almost always recommend using our advanced trackers, with the ongoing operational task of covert surveillance. 

Our specialist operatives can fit a tracking device to any vehicle in less than 6 seconds, and once fitted, it will aid them in there operational task in getting you a result for your issue in less time and used correctly will be a lot more cost efficient. A tracking device can replace the need for two surveillance operatives doing the same task.

How do they work? What result's will they provide?

Unfortunately, we can not give to much information away here. What we can say is our trackers can be designed and made to suit your needs. They are fully water proof, and designed to work in any adverse weather conditions. It takes on average 6-8 seconds to fit a tracker to a vehicle covertly, and once fitted we can leave them on for around 4-6weeks. They provide us with global GPS singles and information LIVE as it happens, information such as, 

  • What time the vehicle starts it's engine
  • What time it set off or ended a journey
  • Were it turns left or right or stops
  • All with times to the second
  • What speed it Travels
  • How long it stays at one location 

All the information is complied in a full unquestionable report time and dated.

Has a client we can also provide you with a dashboard log in which will allow you to view the tracking while working on a LIVE platform, also mobile friendly.

Do Trojan provide any other forms of tracking?

Yes, we can design and provide trackers to aid any situation, all tracked on a world wide scale, including

  • Personal trackers for family 
  • Cargo 
  • Plant & Machinery 
  • Fleet Cars
  • Tradesmen & women's tools
  • Cable transportation
  • Horseboxes
  • Motor Bikes
  • Personal Protection
  • Children (Covertly Hidden in items)
  • High Valued Assets

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Covert - Discreet -Advanced Vehicle Tracker Technology car tracking device

Custom Covert Trackers


Slimline and Discreet once fitted. Our advanced trackers can remain on a vehicle for upto 6 weeks providing LIVE data

Control Dashboard


 The most advanced technology allows clients to log-in to a LIVE platform and view all the action as it takes place even on your mobile

Street View


With street view enabled, you will be able to see exactly where your tracker is on the map and in full 360⁰ street view. It's like being a passenger!




No Vehicle Access Required for Fitting!

Security Where You Need It


Fleet / Company / High Value

We have a full range of bespoke trackers to assist you in efficiently running you business. Fleet hire cars, Company vehicles or High valed products in transit. Know where they are anytime 24hrs a day

Help secure my Fleet

Tradesmen and Builders

One of the most common crimes is theft from vehicles and building sites, more commonly are builders vans. Ask about our bespoke trackers we can design and fit to your tools. Keeping your lively hood intact and thieves at bay

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Plant & Machinery

It's not just £5000 cars we can track we can also design and fit discreet trackers to Plant and Machinery. Another area on the rise with theft. For a few hundred pounds you can guard your thousands of pounds of Plant and Machinery

FIND My Digger

Track High Valued Cargo 

World Wide


Protection for Horse Boxes

and Farming Equipment


Discreet Child Friendly

Tracking Systems


"I never knew much about trackers, but after a chat with Dave at Trojan, he help me in catching my husband cheating. He said he was away with work in Newcastle, truth was he was in Stoke at a hotel with his Bxxch. Thanks to the Trojan team he was caught hook, line and Trousers down, Thanks for the divorce settlement Dave, Highly recommend & their trackers are GREAT!"

Nancy Fletcher - York

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