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Youth crime, Nuisance Nighbours, Child Protection, Vandilisum, witness Intimidation, Fly Tipping, Sub-Letting, Drugs, Gangs, and Local Authority Employee attacks, more and more councils and LA's are turning to Trojan to assit them in winning thier estates back.

Our services include covert surveillance, evidence gaffering, assiting with tenant evictions, serving tenant notices, and being present with LA staff while carrying out thier duties. 

Our surveillance services don't just take place Monday to Friday 9-5. We are there  at the times 'events' are more likely to happen, late in the evenings and weekends, gaffering the vital evidence local authorities need to pursue action, both direct and through the courts. 

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Win Back our Estate


How Trojan Can Help



We work with a number of LA in helping them tackle nuisance nieghbours and those causing estate issues,including theft,vandalism,witness intimidation and emplyee attacks. Secure a prosicution with our evidence

Gang's & Youth Crime


Education is the key here, but we need to eradicate the issue and educate the youth. Providing a strong stance and presence day & night our surveillance will show there is nowhere to hide anymore

Fly Tipping


A massive increasing issue for councils and Local Authorities is Fly tipping. Our covert surveillance strategy will help identify 'Hot Spots' and bring prosecution to those who commit the crime.

Benefit Fraud


More and more people are claiming benefits yet still going out to work doing cash in hand jobs. Cost your council and the tax payers. We can help you gaffer the evidence you need. by using private investigation skills and surveillance to save  local authority money and to lower the  youth crime

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