Dating Safety Background Check

If you suspect your dating partner might not be telling you the whole truth, the best option for your own safety is to conduct a background back to put the concerns to rest. We have the technology and knowledge to find out if your suspicions are in fact true. 

Prenuptial Background check

A private pre-marital Background Check Investigation is a professional service carried out by our Detectives to ensure you have all the information needed to safely join each other in matrimony. 

Cheating Spouse Surveillance

Hiring a matrimonial private investigator to investigate suspected infidelity will never be an easy decision to make. We understand the distressing nature of the situation, which is why we tailor investigations to your case and budget and value discretion as paramount to sensitive operations.

Matrimonial Lifestyle investigations

Do you have questions about your current or former partner? Our team of specialist private investigators conducts thorough and comprehensive lifestyle investigations to uncover a person’s character and if they are living a double life.

Same day investigations available

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