Bug Sweep Investigations



Trojan Surveillance provides bug sweeping services for corporate and private individuals.
All our investigations and surveillance activities are discreet and 100% confidential. If you suspect that you are being monitored without your permission, our investigators can assist you in sweeping your belongings and property for audio recording equipment.

Where Could a Bug Be Placed?

There are many places where someone could covertly plant audio recording equipment, including;

How Does Bug Sweeping Work?

Professional bug sweeping is the only option to consider if you feel you have been bugged by audio or video recording equipment without your consent. Bug sweeping by Trojan Surveillance provides you with a private investigator with knowledge of the whereabouts bugs can be placed and the skills to detect how you are being recorded.
Usually, if people suspect they have been bugged, they have suspicions to understand why this could be. Many different people might find themselves paranoid that they are being recorded covertly, including;
An investigator will visit your home, workplace or hotel to find and remove any covert recording equipment from the premises.
Our investigators have the necessary equipment to detect bugs, so you can be confident that after the bug sweeping process you are no longer being recorded.

Popular Bugs and Surveillance Equipment

Trojan Surveillance can also assist businesses suspecting a breach of their data and information. Our investigators can sweep offices, vaults and meetings rooms of all sizes to give you peace of mind that your businesses security is safe and uncompromised.
Our investigators are highly skilled and highly regarded in the UK for their thorough investigative services. We have worked with a variety of clients seeking our expertise and help in determining the source of their information leaks and bug sweeping.
It is important you feel confident in the ability of your private investigator which is why your case-specific requirements will be matched with a bug sweeping investigator capable of doing the job right.

Bug Sweeping Services & Cost

conference room office

Corporate Premises Bug Sweep

We sweep all office types & sizes. If a recording device is hiding inside your Corporate Premises, our discreet Detectives will find it.  

Any found listening devices will be removed & relevant suspects handed over to the police. 

Bug Sweeping Cost:​
  • 0-2000 sq ft > £3000.00 
  • 2000-4000 sq ft > £3600.00 
  • 4000-6000 > £4200.00 
  • 6000+ sq ft > Call for quote 
living room

Residential Bug Sweep

If you suspect someone might have hidden a listening device in your home, conducting a bug sweep is a good idea. 

Our experts in Surveillance Technology will search your home for any devices, discreetly & respectfully without damaging any possessions. 

Bug Sweeping Cost:​
  • 1-3 Bedrooms > £3000.00
  • 4 Bedrooms > £3600.00 
  • 5 Bedrooms > £4200.00 
small car

Vehicle Bug Sweep

If someone might be aware of your locations or movements, chances are you have a hidden GPS tracker attached to your car. 

Our Private Investigators use GPS trackers on a regular basis in their case work and have become experts in finding the hidden spots.

Bug Sweeping Cost:​
  • Small/Medium > £600.00 
  • Suv/4×4/Large > £840.00
  • Commercial Fleet> £600.00 
  • Private Jets/ Luxury Yachts > Starting at £5000 +vat

Contacting an investigator

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