Investigating False Sick Leave



Employers face increasing hurdles managing their workforce and complying with strict HR rules. However, if you suspect your employees are claiming false sick leave, you do not have to turn the other way.
Absent staff can have ripple effects on your business. Demotivating other employees and costly temporary hires – so, it is essential your business recognise when staff are not being truthful about their health and ability to work.
It is true that many people working for your business will only take sick leave when they feel its necessary. Unfortunately, certain employees are more prone to relying on their ill leave even during times when they could be well enough to work. Our team of investigators can help you produce evidence that your employees are lying about their illnesses.
Perhaps your HR representative has spotted signs of repeat absences within short periods of time, and you would like a second opinion on the validity of your employee’s illness claim.
At Trojan Surveillance, our private investigators can help you prevent fraudulent claims that can have severe consequences for the everyday running of your large, medium or small businesses.
Our investigators’ varied military and private security backgrounds have equipped them with the expert surveillance skills necessary to discreetly monitor the validity of employee absences from the office for extended or repetitive periods of time.

Fraudulent Sick Leave in the UK – Private Investigation

Fraudulent sick leave is extremely difficult to prove. The main concern for businesses it being put in a scenario wherein your word is against that of your employee. Not only can this have severe consequences on the speed of your sick employee’s recovery, but if they are genuine in their claim for illness absence then you could further damage their health in dragging them through unnecessary HR meetings.
Contacting our investigative team prevents your business from making any wrong moves. You’ll be able to gather the necessary knowledge you need without making the employee aware that you suspect they could be lying in their workplace. If the employee’s illness is genuine, and the sick leave necessary, you will be able to work alongside them to fulfil your businesses commitment and responsibility to its employee’s to help them recover as best as possible. If your investigative case handler suspects they are not as unwell as they are claiming to be, you will have the necessary evidence you need to resolve the matter privately, however, your business sees fit.

Contacting An Investigator


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Investigating False Sick Leave

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