Due Diligence



Thoroughly investigating someone whom your or your company will become connected with is an entirely reasonable process.
Trojan Surveillance offer support to legal firms and other businesses wishing to carry out this type of process referred to as Due Diligence.
Companies wishing to hire due diligence investigators may need to for the following circumstances;

Private Investigations Tailored To Your Requirements in the UK

Trojan Surveillance tailors each of its investigations to the specific requirements of the case in question. Our Due Diligence investigators can provide comprehensive background screening and financial and criminal checks as part of our service.
Utilise the skills of Trojan Surveillance operatives specialising in Due Diligence investigations on a UK, Europe & International level.
Our private investigations remain honest, discreet and detailed. Your company will receive all the information we gather, accompanied by a summary highlighting what we think will be most important.
Understanding the facts is key to making the correct decisions on an executive and senior level, and our due diligence investigations’ aim is to give you the information you need to make the correct one.

How Due Diligence Investigations Work

Private Investigations are complicated, but at Trojan Surveillance, you will receive all the answers to your questions by our team of expert operatives and crystal-clear support staff.
Upon initially contacting us we will discuss what you require from an investigation so that we can match you most appropriately with the best caseworkers and being to choose the investigation techniques needed to move the case forward.
At this stage, your investigator will be carrying out initial checks on the identity of the person or company you are focusing your due diligence investigation. They will then begin the more thorough investigations as requested by you.
You will be able to contact your due diligence investigation handler to remain updated and also to keep them updated of any changes from your end too.
Each case presents us with different challenges, and Trojan Surveillance utilises an international network of trusted contacts from positions such as law enforcement, defence, insurance & finance and other major industries which could potentially flag information regarding your due diligence investigation.

Contacting a UK Investigation Team

Same day investigations available

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