Carer and Nanny Investigations



Keeping a close eye on the people you love is the top of most people’s list. But it is not always easy to do that when you aren’t around 24/7.
Trojan Surveillance has implemented covert surveillance techniques for families leaving their children in the care of nanny’s or babysitters. Surveillance gives you peace of mind that your nanny has your children’s best interests and welfare as much a priority as you do.

Nanny Surveillance in the UK

Our nationwide team of UK investigators have a range of surveillance packages to choose from which can be customised to your requirements.
Hiring a nanny is never easy. You want to make sure your family has made the best choice and starting with our Nanny Screening package you will understand more about the background of the person you are trusting with your children.
Background screening nannies is a fantastic option to dive into the previous experiences of the nanny, whilst reviewing any criminal convictions that may not have been disclosed upon application.
Once you have chosen your nanny you may require further reassurance throughout their first few months looking after your child. Sometimes children may not offer the most accurate portrayal of their time spent with the nanny, so you may wish to monitor the nanny and child yourself using our covert video or audio surveillance.
Covert surveillance is especially useful if you just want to put your mind at ease. Often this reassurance is all you require to warrant your new nanny as trustworthy as they claim to

Hiring a Private Investigator for UK Nanny Surveillance

Trojan Surveillance has successfully worked with a wide variety of families & single parents looking to understand more about potential or current childcare employees. All our investigations are tailored to your customised brief and we offer complete flexibility to work around the times you wish to monitor.
You’ll be given your very own case handler who can be your point of contact for continued updates on the surveillance or background check of your nanny. Your investigator will also give you a detailed and easy-to-understand case report with the information we have found throughout the investigation.
Parents are increasingly recognising the benefits of hiring a private investigator to check their nanny is complying with the rules and activities that you have set for your child. It also gives you the opportunity to see your nanny with your child without any other influence, so you can see the true extent of the nanny’s participation with your child.
Likewise, nanny’s have access to your home and aside from your children, you want to make sure that you are not letting someone into the family home that is going to cause damage, theft or let in strangers who could do those things.

Contacting a Private Investigator in the UK

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