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Asset Tracing investigations are useful in a variety of situations by both corporate and individual clients who require a detailed & accurate picture of someone’s assets.

Perhaps you are recovering debts from a debtor and need a truthful overview of their financial situation. From tracing hidden off-shore accounts to detailing properties and vehicles that may be hidden from you, an asset tracking investigation will help you recover the value you are owed as quickly as possible.

Private Investigators in London and the rest of the UK

An asset tracing investigator will compile a comprehensive report detailing the real worth and value of your debtor. So, you will be able to understand precisely how much they can afford to pay back to you.

Hidden assets uncovered through our thorough investigative tracing work. We will not only detail accounts and companies which we can see in the UK but will reveal any information about off-shore accounts or physical assets have are being hidden abroad.
Trojan Surveillance utilises asset tracing software, surveillance investigations and undercover operations to immerse ourselves and uncover hidden assets your debtors could be hiding.

Asset Tracing Services by Private Investigators in the UK

Our asset tracing services can also be used to help private individuals understand the wealth of another individual entirely. Perhaps during divorce proceedings, you may wish to use asset tracing to provide you with a crystal-clear understanding of your former partner’s assets before you agree to a legally binding financial agreement.

Our expert operatives will investigate;
Taking a debtor to court without a complete understanding of their real worth would be a risky situation. Even if the judge rules in your favour, if the debtor were to say then that they do not have enough assets to pay back their debts then you would not be able to reclaim what you are owed. Having investigated their assets beforehand, you will be able to present these findings to the court so that they can enforce the money owed.
Trojan Surveillance have worked with a varied range of clients each with different requirements for our investigative services. We are happy to work alongside you to form a plan so that you receive the most out of the services we offer.

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