Prove Illegal Subletting



If you have set out in a tenancy agreement that a tenant must seek permission before they sublet the property, they could face prosecution if you find that they have done so without asking for that approval.
This person is known as the subtenant and allows your tenant the opportunity to profit from parts or all of the home that they rent from you as a private landlord or housing association.
A landlord has every right to evict a tenant that they have proven is illegally subletting your property because they will have broken the terms set out in your tenancy agreement.

Why People Sublet Properties

There are several benefits to tenants subletting their property, including;

UK Investigations into Illegal Subletting

Trojan Surveillance private investigators can assist private landlords, and housing associations investigate the ongoing issue of illegal subletting. If you have stated within the terms of your tenancy agreement that you do not allow subletting, our London investigators and a broader nationwide network of detectives will assist in compiling the evidence you need to evict your tenant.
Subletting may seem harmless to some, but for every person illegally subletting they are pricing out someone who genuinely needs the home at the honest & accurate market reflected price.
Our expert investigators will carry out the necessary surveillance techniques to develop an understanding of whether or not your tenant is using the property as their primary residence.

The Problem with Illegally Subletting

Subletting properties for long-term or short-term use can have many disadvantages to the owner of the property. Not only are there people who have not been vetted and approved to live in the house or flat, but the increased foot-traffic and number of people sharing a home could cause significant damage to the property – at a cost to the owner.
Though most tenants do pass a credit or pre-tenancy background screening before they are permitted to sign the tenancy agreement, those who are subletting are allowing people who have not passed these checks and who are not registered with the landlord to live there.
Likewise, with the rise of sites such as Airbnb offering guests the chance to rent rooms in properties without much formal vetting, those subletting could be handing over the keys to people whom the landlord would not want in the property.

Contacting An Investigator


Housing Association

Investigating Social housing fraud is the way forward to preventing social housing criminals profiting from property that does not belong to them.

Property Management

Our expert investigators get to the bottom of anti-social behaviour complaints, overcrowded properties and sudden damage to your belongings inside the home.

Prove Illegal Subletting

If a tenant breaches a tenancy clause preventing subletting, then a landlord has every right to evict them. Our investigations gather the evidence necessary to be able to do so.

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