At Trojan Surveillance, we thrive on the thrill of running covert investigations – and nothing is more satisfying than getting the evidence required by our clients.
For many years, private investigation has been out of reach to most individuals due to large companies charging grossly inflated rates to cover their large profit margins – Our mission at Trojan Surveillance is to make the surveillance industry more accessible to both individuals and businesses.
We pride ourselves on honesty. We will absolutely never take on a new client without a thorough consultation, ensuring there are appropriate grounds for any investigation to proceed.

Our founders set out to do just this in 1990 with over 60 years’ experience in surveillance and reconnaissance in the Military and Police Service including hostile environments in the UK and internationally and we only employ former covert surveillance specialists and detectives with a similar experience. Trojan Surveillance is a business that recognises the importance of building a strong team and keeping profits margins modest, ensuring both satisfied clients and a motivated team.

Always on top of technology, we are equipped both with state of the art technology and seasoned knowledge of the industry, empowering our teams to carry out successful covert investigations.

Same day investigations available


Trojan Surveillance 

Value for money

We believe in providing an ethical and lawful service that doesn't have to cost a fortune

ICO Registered

We are registered under the Data Protection Act to protect personal information.

Qualified Team

With a background of Military & Police Force, we are professional and highly trained.

Free Advice

We never charge for a consultation and are happy to help 24/7, 365 days per year.


We never share information. Anything you say to our team will stay confidential.

Over 60 years

Our team has worked with high sensitive cases for over 60 years and can take on any situations.

Court Compliant

All evidence gained is acquired lawfully & fully court compliant, and justifies as evidence.


All evidence will be destroyed after the case is closed and the client is pleased with the report.

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Corporate Client Services

From workplace theft and false sick leave to background checks and illegal subletting, we have dedicated investigator teams at the ready for your business.

Private Client Services

From child custody and divorce investigations to matrimonial and infidelity surveillance, we have flexible options to suit your needs. 

GPS Vehicle Tracking

London GSP vehicle tracking experts are able to deploy hidden tracking devices on private vehicles – covert devices are also available to be deployed on fleet vehicles.

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