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Housing associations in the UK are here to help those in genuine need of a home have somewhere to live with their family. Today though, housing associations are plagued with complaints about unruly tenants, tasked with cracking down on illegal tenancy fraud and continually trying to keep up with the growing demand for housing.
Our investigators can assist Housing Associations in compiling evidence they require to remove any tenants breaching the terms of their tenancy agreement.
Whether they are illegally subletting, committing tenancy fraud or have caused significant damage to the property. Our UK investigators will challenge the brick wall between you and your tenants, analysing the integrity of those benefiting from housing association properties and making way for those with genuine needs for such homes.
Trojan Surveillance has worked alongside Housing Associations combatting tenancy fraud and illegal subletting. The New Social Housing Fraud Act of 2013 has seen the need for private investigators working alongside social housing associations become increasingly popular.

Investigating Housing Association Tenants

Our investigators have successfully helped housing associations investigate the following;
The priority for social housing is providing a suitable home for people who genuinely need it. Tackling social housing fraud is an imperative to keep this preference on track and offering homes only for the right people who are in genuine need of it most.

Tenant Subletting Without Consent – What to Do

If you are a housing association or private landlord, you first need to verify what the tenant in question is doing.
Our UK investigators will develop a surveillance or undercover operation to give you a better idea of what is going on within your property, whether your tenant is whom they say they are, and gather the results of a thorough investigation into their actions concerning your property.
Our skilled investigators can advise you on how best to deal with tenants subletting your property. Our years of experience in recognising the signs of illegal sublets has helped us figure out the most appropriate and advantageous courses of action to appropriately deal with these situations. We can also guide you on the legal rights you have in evicting the subtenant (regardless of whether they knew they were a subtenant or not).
Should the investigation confirm that a property has been sublet without your prior consent, your case detective will also look into how they have come about living in the property & who has given them access. This will prove crucial in understanding who is to blame for this illegal sublet when more than one person lives in a property.

Contacting An Investigator


Housing Association

Investigating Social housing fraud is the way forward to preventing social housing criminals profiting from property that does not belong to them.

Property Management

Our expert investigators get to the bottom of anti-social behaviour complaints, overcrowded properties and sudden damage to your belongings inside the home.

Prove Illegal Subletting

If a tenant breaches a tenancy clause preventing subletting, then a landlord has every right to evict them. Our investigations gather the evidence necessary to be able to do so.

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