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Taking preliminary action to ensure your safety when dating someone new is now more critical than ever. As we continue to meet people in remote ways, internet dating is on the rise – but so are the scam artists who take advantage of people’s good faith.
Our team of specialist private investigators works to make online dating safer. By hiring a private investigator to conduct a professional background check before meeting an online date, you can make an informed decision on all the facts.

Online dating statistics

We are big proponents of online dating. The internet provides us with access to many more potential partners than we could ever encounter in our daily lives. But while some people have excellent experiences and enter new relationships, others aren’t so lucky.
Online dating statistics make for convincing reading and are a sign that you can never be too careful when it comes to your safety:
With 80% of online daters knowing someone who found love on the internet, conducting a dating safety background check will get you one step closer to securing attachment.

Why conduct an online dating background check?

Internet dating is a fun and modern way to meet singles, but when you meet someone remotely, it’s virtually impossible to know whether they are truthful.
Most dating sites don’t run background checks on their users. Trojan Surveillance conduct professional background checks on potential dates for several reasons.
Our clients often want to know:
Our professional investigators can give you the reassurance you need to proceed with your date or cease communication with them.

Traditional dating safety

Whether you are dating online or in person, Trojan Surveillance conduct comprehensive background checks to ensure the person you are seeing is really who they say they are.
Discrepancies in a person’s story are the first sign that something could be wrong. If you are dating someone and feel you don’t know them as well as you could, our dating safety experts can obtain a full background report on the person you are in communication without revealing any detail of the investigation to the subject.
Trojan Surveillance act with complete discretion throughout an investigation to ensure minimal chance of detection, allowing you the same level of anonymity as our private investigators.

How can we ensure your safety?

If you are meeting someone for the first time, Trojan Surveillance can provide a discrete presence until you are comfortable meeting the subject alone. This part of the service is entirely controlled by you and can be ceased at any time.
Our private investigators are experienced in conducting sufficient background checks on individuals and companies.

Dating safety investigation services include:

We will then compile the intelligence obtained from our investigations and present them to you in a comprehensive report. Our investigations are conducted passively so that the subject remains unaware of the operation.

Contacting an investigator

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