Undercover Workers



Employers may often suspect that something is not right in the workplace they are managing. Usually, an employee/ management divide can cause suspicions within management departments, and frequently these doubts can be correct.
Our expertly skilled private investigators can assist corporate clients to understand better the issues workers are facing in the workplace. We can reveal information more efficiently than attempting to speak to employee’s about any problems yourself.

Private Investigator – Undercover Worker

Our undercover workers are trained to integrate into a workplace environment to uncover untoward activities that you, as an employer, may be unaware of. Examples of why we have acted as undercover workers include;
Trojan Surveillance has helped many corporate clients understand the motivations and actions of their employees. If you suspect that your workforce is not acting to the best of their ability and are in violation of their employment contract, our undercover workers can assist in detailing the evidence necessary to implement disciplinary actions.
In addition to these scenarios, we have also worked with retail and leisure industry clients to compile thorough mystery shopper reports on employees, chain management departments, and regional workers.

Our Private Investigators in London, the UK and Europe

Our private investigators are discreet, experts in their fields and from a range of military, private security and commercial backgrounds. Trained to develop rapport and build trust with new colleagues, our undercover workers seamlessly merge into your workforce.
Once in, each undercover worker will work to reveal anything untoward or dangerous happening in your workplace. You will be provided with comprehensive & honest reports detailing what we find.
Undercover workers are instrumental in helping businesses better grasp the problems happening in their workplace and amongst their workforce. Often, it is the only option to investigate particularly difficult circumstances, and our findings have been helpful in resolving problems affecting the business.
We can provide you with tailored surveillance in the workplace anywhere throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and further afield. Our investigators can get to work as quickly as you need and will follow a brief outlined by you to get the best results in the most appropriate amount of time.
Trojan Surveillance has helped numerous global organisations figure out issues in their work environments. Our comprehensive reports can bring light to the problems which need addressing, and our investigators can assist you in advising on the best course of action for your business.


Investigate Workplace Theft

Investigating theft within the workplace gives you crucial evidence to dismiss the person(s) responsible and prevent it happening again.

Investigating False Sick Leave

If you suspect your employees are not genuine with their sick leave absences, your business is wasting money. Our private investigation can give you the evidence you need to dismiss your employee.

Employee Time Theft

Employee time theft may seem frivolous, but the cost to a business can be incredible. Specialist investigations can detect the process, people and reason behind your employee’s increased time mismanagement.

Undercover Worker Service

Undercover operations are necessary for workplace environments with multiple departments or divisions between managerial levels and floor employees figuring out what is happening within their business atmosphere.

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