Corporate Investigations


Services we provide for corporate clients

Our corporate investigation unit specialises in a range of specialist operations for employers, landlords and legal departments.

Investigations For Employers

Employee vehicle & fleet tracking, fraudulent sick leave and detailed background checks. Our investigations for employers help you keep control of growing workforces and minimise risky business activities.

Employers Services: 

  • Investigating False Sick Leave 
  • Investigate Workplace Theft 
  • Employee Time Theft 

Investigations For Landlords

Illegal subletting to tenant background checks. Private investigations for independent landlords or housing associations are comprehensive, detailed and crucial in today’s modern housing market.

Landlord Services:

  • Housing Association Investigations 
  • Property Management Investigation
  • Prove Illegal Subletting 

Legal & Litigation Support

Trojan Surveillance have provided Legal & Litigation Support to many organisations the past 15 years. Give us a call today to discuss with one of our Private Investigators. 

Legal & Litigation Services:

  • Process Serving 
  • Insurance Fraud Investigation

Background Checks & Due Diligence

Conducting Background Checks is an essential part of any landlord, employer or business. During the investigation or background screening, you will receive regular updates regarding the information we have found, and you can choose to investigate something further should this be of interest.


  • Due Diligence
  • Employee Background Check 
  • Tenant Background Check 

Bug Sweeping

An investigator will visit your workplace, Hotel or Vehicle to find and remove any covert recording equipment from the premises. Our team have the necessary equipment to detect bugs, so you can be confident that after the bug sweeping process you are no longer being recorded. All our investigations and surveillance activities are discreet and 100% confidential.

Bug Sweeping costs: 

  • Corporate premises: From £3000.00 
  • Vehicle Bug Sweep: From £600.00 

Same day investigations available

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