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At Trojan Surveillance, we understand the importance of trust. Whether you are hiring a new employee, trying to track down a missing person, or forge a new business relationship – we provide a bespoke service of background checks and open source research to help you make the right decision.

Trojan Surveillance tailors each of its investigations to the specific requirements of the case in question. Our Due Diligence investigators can provide comprehensive background screening and financial and criminal checks as part of our service.


Trojan Surveillance has successfully helped businesses of all sizes protect their best interests by investigating financial deals, investments, and other due diligence processes.
Our Due Diligence investigators can provide comprehensive background screening and financial and criminal checks as part of our service.


Employing the use of our UK private investigators to research the validity of a new employee is an incredibly smart business move.

Choosing the right candidate for the position, ironing out potential security threats and ensuring the smooth on-going operation of your business.


Our aim at Trojan Surveillance is to make sure you rent your property to the perfect tenant. Our investigators will help you weed out those who certainly do not fit the criteria of perfect.

Secure your investment in your new tenants against verifiable information to determine the risk factor associated with each person.


No request is too big, small or uncommon. We are dedicated to making the public safer with affordable background check solutions for all situations. 

Our private investigators are available to provide free & anonomouys advice and quotes 24/7, 365 days per year. Give us a call on 020 3929 3797 or visit our contact page below. 

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Using open source research to collate information from publicly available sources has become an increasingly popular source for private investigations both in London and across the UK. Our specialist team of private investigators are trained to obtain open source information to assist with your investigation.
This information is obtained from legally accessible sources and can be used to build a profile of an individual or corporate business.
Open source research can be used for a multitude of purposes. As an employer, you may want us to carry out pre-employment checks of prospective employees to determine whether a person’s CV matches their experience.
If you are intending on going into business with a specific person or company, our experienced operatives can conduct open source research investigations to gather general intelligence on the subject, making your business decisions that bit easier.
Our background checks are thorough and can include the following information;
  • Credit Check
  • Financial History
  • Personal History
  • Address Verification
  • Identity Verification
  • Criminal Convictions
  • Company Information


For Employers

Private Investigation helps employers prevent costly situations within the workplace.

  • Undercover Worker Service
  • Investigate False Sick Leave 
  • Investigate Workplace Theft 
  • Employee Time Theft 

For Landlords

Explore our investigation services for private landlords and housing associations.

  • Housing Association Investigations 
  • Property Management Investigation 
  • Prove Illegal subletting 

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Trojan Surveillance will track any vehicle, deploying and retrieving the GPS Device. 

  • Covert Vehicle Tracking
  • Employee Vehicle Tracking
  • Fleet Tracking
  • Theft Prevention

Background Checks & Due Diligence

Trojan Surveillance helps employers & Landlords make the right choice. 

Bug Sweeping

Our Detectives conducts Bug Sweeps in corporate premises & vehicles. 

Legal and Litigation Support

Explore how our investigations can help law firms & legal departments nationwide.

Same day investigations available

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