Pre-tenancy Background Checks



Trojan Surveillance can provide comprehensive investigations into individuals as part of our Pre-Tenancy Background screenings.

What is a Tenancy Background Check?

A tenancy background check can comprise of different things depending on the type of profile check you wish to carry out. Our UK private detectives can check the following;

Why do I need a Tenancy Background Check?

For landlords, a tenancy background checks provide insight into the character of the person wishing to rent their property.
Some landlords may only let their properties to individuals with good credit history, for example. Good credit history shows that a tenant keeps on top of their bills and will, most likely, pay their rent on time.
Tenancy background checks can also verify the employment history of potential employees. If someone has lied about their income, he or she may not be able to keep up with rent payments. Confirming this in advance of a tenancy gives the landlord security that they have rented to someone who can afford the property.
Tenancy background checks and vetting can prevent a landlord from handing the keys to their property to those who are not going to pay their rent or could cause damage. Reduce the risk of inconvenience, rent arrears and damage to your property by instructing a background check.

A Landlord’s Perfect Tenant

Our aim at Trojan Surveillance is to make sure you rent your property to the perfect tenant. Unfortunately, perfect doesn’t exist. Our investigators will help you weed out those who certainly do not fit the criteria of perfect, however. Securing your investment in your new tenants against verifiable information to determine the risk factor associated with each person.
Judging someone you are going to rent a property to without finding out the answers to these questions is a risky move. Unfortunately, the people most likely to be able to con you will probably be the least likely you would suspect to be a nuisance tenant.

Are Background Checks Legal?

Pre-tenancy background checks are today a standard part of renting a property. Trojan Surveillance investigators act entirely within UK laws and legislation.


Housing Association

Investigating Social housing fraud is the way forward to preventing social housing criminals profiting from property that does not belong to them.

Property Management

Our expert investigators get to the bottom of anti-social behaviour complaints, overcrowded properties and sudden damage to your belongings inside the home.

Prove Illegal Subletting

If a tenant breaches a tenancy clause preventing subletting, then a landlord has every right to evict them. Our investigations gather the evidence necessary to be able to do so.

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