Insurance Fraud Investigations



Trojan Surveillance successfully investigate fraudulent claims on behalf of insurance companies. Our UK investigators can gather sufficient evidence to reject a claim and utilise expert surveillance and detective skills to assist the investigation.
Insurance claims are fraudulent when a claimant seeks a benefit (usually financial) by submitting a false or exaggerated claim to an insurance company.

What is Insurance Fraud?

Insurance companies are facing increasing amounts of false claims that are costing them staggering amounts of money per year unnecessarily. Our investigations span both nationwide & internationally and compile a detailed, comprehensive report explaining our findings.
Insurance company’s internal fraud departments can often spot the telltale signs that a claim could be fraudulent. However, they do not have the time to pursue evidence to prove this.

Types of insurance fraud we have investigated include;

Hiring an Investigator for Insurance Fraud

Your investigator will develop a targeted surveillance plan to monitor the activities of the claimant, dependent on the type of insurance fraud suspected. We can also provide undercover operatives who can implement into the lives of claimants to gather the evidence you need to prove insurance claim fraud.
Each case is tailored to the requirements of your case. Our operatives understand that in some cases insurance claims are embellished to try and secure the insurance payout. For example, someone might exaggerate an injury by saying he or she is unable to move and our investigation may record them walking freely.
Other types of insurance claim fraud involve sham documents submitted as part of a claim. Our investigators can verify documents, identities and additional paperwork to see if these materials are genuine.
Insurance companies should investigate claims big or small as often the most fraudulent applications may be the smaller ones that people feel more likely to get away with. Sometimes this can go as far as purposely damaging insured goods & property and then making a claim.

Insurance Investigations in London and the UK

Our investigators also assist insurance companies interview claimants in checking the validity of their claims. We have experienced interviewers who are trained to detect false information.
Trojan Surveillance also works alongside insurance companies investigating the facts of a claim. For example, if there has been a road accident, our agents can compile a report detailing exactly what happened so that you can make the decision based on the accurate facts.

Contacting an Investigator in the UK

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