Proving Cohabitation



Cohabitation investigations as part of child custody and divorce proceedings are necessary for a few reasons.
Trojan Surveillance’s network of UK investigators is able to utilise years of experience in producing evidence your former partner is cohabiting with someone else. This evidence can be used in court to assist you in your legal proceedings.

Proving Cohabitation – Why is it necessary?

Post-divorce you may have agreed to pay a maintenance agreement with your former partner for various reasons. Within the terms of this agreement, you may have included a non-habitation clause outlining that if your ex-spouse was to begin living with someone new – your maintenance agreement was no longer necessary. This is because your ex may now be sharing their finances with a new partner, so you are no longer financially dependent on you.
Proving cohabitation is extremely difficult as many people find themselves in a situation where the other partner claims that someone may have been staying short-term, but they do not live or contribute to the property financially. If you suspect otherwise, hiring one of our UK investigators to produce surveillance evidence that there is sufficient reason to believe the two individuals are not being truthful and are in-fact living together.

Hiring a Private Investigator During a Divorce

Trojan Surveillance breaks down the barriers between honest investigative work and our clients. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to be able to access our services and achieve the best possible outcome for your reasons behind hiring a private investigator in the UK.
Your case handler will be your point of contact throughout the investigation and you will also have complete freedom to change or brief the investigator on your specific circumstances.
Divorce proceedings can turn bitter quickly, so it is important to understand when the time is necessary to seek the services of a private investigator to help you keep the process as minimally destructive as possible. Often, when presented with our evidence, former partners have quickly accepted they should not be claiming for financial settlements they no longer need.
Children are your priority, which means they are also ours. If you suspect that your child is not being cared for as well as they need, our investigators can also adapt our surveillance techniques around the concerns of the child, their life with your former husband/wife/partner and their new significant other.

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Proving Cohabitation Investigation

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