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How to Find Out if Your Partner is Cheating

Many signs can lead you to believing that your significant other is cheating. Unfortunately, once the suspicion that your partner has been unfaithful sets in, it can be hard to shake, with most people being unable to rest until the truth has been exposed.

Naturally, such suspicions can be incredibly upsetting; if you suspect your partner has been disloyal, it can be very hard to repair the trust which often leads to a breakdown of the relationship. If you believe you have detected the first signs of infidelity, finding out the complete truth is usually the first step in recovering from the betrayal or overcoming the issues at hand as a couple.

There are several ways in which you can begin to examine the truth behind your suspicions – hiring a private investigator can be one of the most effective.

Check your partner’s online search history

If it’s appropriate to do so (e.g. if you use a shared laptop/computer) looking into your partner’s internet browser history is an effective way to find out if they’ve been unfaithful. Odd search engine enquiries, such as holiday research or reservations that you haven’t discussed together, can be suspicious.

Equally, finding nothing at all within your partner’s browser history can indicate an issue. If they have deleted their history, it may be a sign that they had been doing something online that they had to hide. This could include online message forums, emails or reservations.

Be careful not to go too far. Illegally accessing your partner’s private emails could cause problems if the case were ever to go to the courts.

Wife who has been cheated on checking her spouses browser history on a laptop

Bank account activity can indicate cheating

If you have a shared bank account, check for any unusual spending that you cannot account for. This may include payments for:

  • Hotels
  • Holidays
  • Restaurants

Large cash withdrawals may also suggest that your partner is trying to hide their spending from you, which can be a sign that they are spending their money with, or on, someone else.

Inspecting your partner’s spending history can also be a good way to detect where they were at a certain time, compared with where they said they were. For example, if they told you they were working late but the credit card bill says that they bought a coffee miles away from their office, it’s clear that some sort of deceit has taken place.

Ask friends or family if they have noticed any unusual behaviour

Occasionally, individuals who believe their partner is having an affair can find themselves getting wrapped up in what they believe are key signs of infidelity. Confiding in someone close to you can be a productive way to not only talk through your concerns, but also collect more evidence.

If you have noticed suspicious behaviour from your partner, your mutual friends and family may have picked up on it too. Discussing this with them could help you to piece together different pieces of evidence in order to build a more solid case.

Whilst they may not have taken it upon themselves to tell you, if challenged, people close to you or your partner may be willing to disclose information. Remember: your family and friends usually have your best interests at heart and are likely to want to help you reach a conclusion.

Confront your partner about their affair

This method can be successful, if executed properly. If you believe your partner has committed adultery, confronting them and delivering the evidence you have collated in a calm and composed manner can often compel them to come clean.

However, in many circumstances, a cheat is too scared to be honest about their infidelity without engaging in a confrontation. If you provide them with the opportunity to be honest, they may grasp at the chance.

This approach relies on the existence of trust, which can be problem within the context of infidelity. Many cheaters will panic when backed into a corner and continue to lie. In this instance, they are likely to be more covert in future, making it harder to expose them.

Private detective investigating a cheater partner

Benefits of hiring a private investigator to catch a cheating partner

One of the primary benefits to employing a PI is that they will return solid proof, should it exist. Whilst your own investigations may produce minor evidence, such as suspicious online activity, this often isn’t enough to confirm that your partner is cheating.

Private investigators will be able to procure substantial evidence, in the form of videos, documents or photos. If you are to divorce and the matter goes to court, such evidence will significantly improve the case against your spouse.

A certified private investigator is also able to utilise industry-grade surveillance tools in order to uncover a cheating partner. For example, they could install a GPS tracker to follow the suspected cheat, as well as access restricted databases not available to the general public.

Perhaps the chief benefit of employing a private investigator is the fact that you don’t have to commit to the task yourself. Your time can then be dedicated to the other pressing matters in your life, e.g. your job, family or other commitments that require your attention.

If you are concerned that your spouse or partner is cheating, but want definitive proof, hiring a private investigator from Trojan Surveillance is likely to be the best route for you. Our team of certified professionals is resourceful, discrete and most importantly, effective.

If you would like to find out more about our services and how we may be able to help you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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