Background Checks & Open Source Research



At Trojan Surveillance, we understand the importance of trust. Whether you are hiring a new employee, trying to track down a missing person, or forge a new business relationship – we provide a bespoke service of background checks and open source research to help you make the right decision.

Background Checks

Whether it be for personal or business reasons, Trojan Surveillance offers comprehensive background checks which provide invaluable information about a person’s background. Conducting a background check is a simple way to verify information about the person you’re dealing with.
Some of the reasons for conducting background checks include:
Many people who apply for jobs tailor their CV’s to include jobs that may not exist and exclude jobs that didn’t work favourably for them. We can conduct a thorough background check on your prospective employee to ensure their CV matches their experience.
You may also want to screen prospective employees to ensure they don’t have a criminal record.
Background checks are a simple way of compiling information about a long-lost sibling or other family relative who you aren’t in contact with.
We can provide information related to another business’ financial situation, as well as on an individual basis.
If you have doubts that your current partner or someone you are seeing isn’t being completely honest with you, a quick background check will provide you with peace of mind, and help you in your decision to progress or stop the relationship.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Using open source research to collate information from publicly available sources has become an increasingly popular source for private investigations both in London and across the UK. Our specialist team of private investigators are trained to obtain open source information to assist with your investigation.
This information is obtained from legally accessible sources and can be used to build a profile of an individual or corporate business.
Open source research can be used for a multitude of purposes. As an employer, you may want us to carry out pre-employment checks of prospective employees to determine whether a person’s CV matches their experience.
If you are intending on going into business with a specific person or company, our experienced operatives can conduct open source research investigations to gather general intelligence on the subject, making your business decisions that bit easier.

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Child Custody & Divorce Investigations

Investigate suspicions about your marriage and current or past relationships.

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Maintain and protect your anonymity with a discreet and covert surveillance investigation.

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Keep an eye on important items and the people which you value most in this world.

Discreet Surveillance Services

Maintain and protect your anonymity with a discreet and covert surveillance investigation.

Bug Sweeping

Our Detectives will conduct Bug Sweeping services in residential premises & Vehicles. 

GPS Vehicle Tracking Services

Track any vehicle with our Tracking Services. Our Investigators will deploy & retrieve the GPS Device. 

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