Lifestyle Investigations



Our team of private investigators specialise in covert surveillance operations and discreet investigations on the lifestyle of an individual.
We go to great lengths to ensure you have the evidence you need before confronting a partner, business associate or family member about being dishonest with you. Having access to undisputable evidence is often the deciding factor in a court case, and could really swing the proceedings in your favour.

Hiring a Lifestyle Private Investigator

Trojan Surveillance conduct fully discreet professional lifestyle investigations, using covert surveillance to monitor the behaviour, activities or other information surrounding a person or group.
There are various reasons for needing to hire a private investigator.
Our experienced lifestyle investigators conduct covert surveillance services in London and across the UK, and are particularly experienced in the areas of:
Our expert private investigators will utilise various surveillance and investigative techniques to gather evidence for you to submit to the court and dispel their lies.
If you suspect agreements aren’t being adhered to, or you are concerned for your child’s welfare we can help you investigate your concerns further.
Divorce cases involve allegations from both parties. Hiring a specialist lifestyle investigator who is trained to compile crucial evidence will help tilt the balance in your direction.
Our team of specialist private investigators are trained to locate a person within hours of the initial investigation briefing. This is especially useful when trying to locate someone to sign legal papers.

Lifestyle Investigation Techniques

When investigating a person’s lifestyle, we conduct covert surveillance to ensure the subject is unaware they are being monitored.
There is a legal basis for covert investigatory techniques which Trojan Surveillance perform with respect to the law.
Our investigations are carried out by highly skilled specialist surveillance officers who use numerous techniques, including:
Our leading surveillance experts can easily trace a person’s movements within hours of an initial investigation briefing, and utilise both long and short-term investigations as well as using both male and female operatives where required.
Covert surveillance can take place on any residential premises or any private vehicle.

Lifestyle Investigation Report

Our lifestyle investigators will provide you with detailed reports and copies of corporative evidence which can be used to confront the subject, or as court-admissible evidence.
You will also receive photographic and video evidence of the target and can use this information as you please. All our investigations comply with UK surveillance and data protection laws.
Law firms may use these reports as submittable evidence to court as proof that someone has been hiding assets or has not been truthful about their lifestyle.

Contacting an Investigator


Child Custody & Divorce Investigations

Investigate suspicions about your marriage and current or past relationships.

Matrimonial & Infidelity Investigations

Maintain and protect your anonymity with a discreet and covert surveillance investigation.

Background Check Investigations

Keep an eye on important items and the people which you value most in this world.

Discreet Surveillance Services

Maintain and protect your anonymity with a discreet and covert surveillance investigation.

Bug Sweeping

Our Detectives will conduct Bug Sweeping services in residential premises & Vehicles. 

GPS Vehicle Tracking Services

Track any vehicle with our Tracking Services. Our Investigators will deploy & retrieve the GPS Device. 

Same day investigations available

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