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Hiring a nanny or babysitter can be unnerving when you’re away from your child. At Trojan Surveillance, we provide professional GPS tracking services to help you decide whether you’ve chosen the best person to leave your children with.
For many working parents hiring a nanny isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. Wanting to know if you can trust the person you’ve employed is only natural – and you can never be too sure when it comes to your children.
Trojan Surveillance can be trusted to carry out discreet private investigations in sensitive circumstances, especially those involving children. We use real-time, passive vehicle tracking systems to closely monitor a subject’s vehicle – which has a proven track record in ensuring child safety.

How does GPS tracking work?

GPS tracking is the easiest, and cheapest way to actively monitor your nanny’s location. Our team of highly skilled private investigators is trained to deploy high precision GPS vehicle tracking units with minimal chance of detection. With flexible 24/7 monitoring across the UK, vehicle tracking is cheaper than opting for a physical pursuit and ensures you remain anonymous throughout the investigation.
In the rare instance that a GPS vehicle tracking unit is discovered, it cannot be traced back to Trojan Surveillance, meaning all our clients retain the same anonymity as our private investigators.
Once our vehicle tracking professionals have attached a GPS tracking unit to the specified vehicle, we work to provide a full report on the vehicle’s movements. This includes comprehensive geographical data relating to the subject’s vehicle location.
Finally, when you are happy with our services and want to wrap up the investigation, our professionals will passively retrieve the GPS tracking unit without the subject knowing.

How Can GPS Tracking Help?

Child safety has become a legitimate reason to want to invest in GPS tracking. By hiring a private investigator from Trojan Surveillance, you can be sure that a thorough and comprehensive investigation will be conducted according to your requirements to answer any questions you might have about a current or prospective nanny.

Reasons to track your nanny’s vehicle:

Before hiring a nanny, you might want to carry out your own background checks so that you can be confident you’re making the right choice – especially if you don’t know them. Given that your nanny will have unprecedented access to your property, it’s essential to establish whether they’re trustworthy and reliable enough to oversee your child’s welfare.
Our team of private investigators in London conducts discrete vehicle monitoring across the UK to help you feel at ease with your decision.
GPS tracking will determine if, and where your nanny is taking your children out in your absence.
Knowing that the person you’ve hired is as truthful as they say they are is the peace of mind you need to eliminate your worries and go about your working week.

Your GPS tracking package

Using highly efficient satellite technology, our team of specialist private investigators can determine useful information that will help put your mind at ease when you’re away from your children.
Tracking a vehicle is easier than ever. Trojan Surveillance understand the sensitive nature of child-specific investigations, and so we offer a GPS tracking package which is tailored to your requirements.
A cost-effective way of monitoring your child’s whereabouts in real-time, our package provides accurate reports at affordable rates – including information such as:
The high-level technology we employ for surveillance operations is ideal for monitoring a newly hired nanny before you trust them with looking after your children, or for observing your current nanny’s location if you have started to doubt them.

Hiring a Private Investigator for GPS Tracking

If you’d like to speak to one of our Private Investigators before renting a GPS Tracker, please give us a call on 020 3929 3797 or send us an email on, otherwise chose from one of our services below. After purchase, one of our Detectives will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss the next steps. 

Choose from our GPS Tracking Services below:

Our deployment and use of GPS Electronic Tracking Devices complies with the Guide & Policy published by the Association of British Investigators.’


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Maintain and protect your anonymity with a discreet and covert surveillance investigation.

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Maintain and protect your anonymity with a discreet and covert surveillance investigation.

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Our Detectives will conduct Bug Sweeping services in residential premises & Vehicles. 

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Track any vehicle with our Tracking Services. Our Investigators will deploy & retrieve the GPS Device. 

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