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The 20000mAh GPS Tracker for vehicles is a powerful and versatile device designed to track and monitor vehicles’ location and movements. With a high-capacity battery of 20000mAh (milliampere-hours), the tracker offers an extended operational time, ensuring reliable performance over long periods without frequent recharging.

The GPS tracker utilizes advanced Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to accurately determine the vehicle’s location. By receiving signals from multiple satellites and performing precise calculations, it provides real-time and accurate positioning information. This allows vehicle owners, fleet managers, or individuals to effectively monitor their vehicles, track routes, and analyse driving patterns.



1. Real-time Tracking: The tracker provides up-to-date and continuous location information, enabling users to monitor the vehicle’s movement in real time. This is particularly beneficial for fleet management, theft prevention, or remote monitoring of vehicle activities.


2. Geo-fencing: The tracker allows users to set virtual boundaries or geo-fences for their vehicles. If the vehicle enters or exits the specified area, the tracker sends alerts or notifications, providing increased security and enabling prompt action.


3. Historical Route Playback: The tracker records and stores historical location data, allowing users to review and playback the vehicle’s previous routes. This feature is useful for analysing driver behaviour, optimizing routes, and monitoring overall vehicle performance.


4. Remote Monitoring: The tracker can be accessed remotely via a dedicated mobile app or web interface. This allows users to monitor vehicle status, receive notifications, and track the vehicle’s location from anywhere with an internet connection.



5. Anti-Theft Features: The GPS tracker incorporates anti-theft mechanisms such as engine immobilization or remote vehicle shutdown. In the event of unauthorized access or theft, users can activate these features to prevent further movement of the vehicle.


6. Over-speeding Alerts: The tracker can be configured to send alerts when the vehicle exceeds a pre-set speed limit. This helps promote safe driving practices and allows for immediate intervention if necessary.


7. Dual-mode Communication: The tracker utilizes multiple communication methods, such as GPS, GSM, and GPRS, to ensure reliable and uninterrupted data transmission. This enhances tracking accuracy and enables effective communication between the tracker and the user.


8. Durability and Weather Resistance: The GPS tracker is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, humidity, and vibrations. It is typically housed in a rugged and weather-resistant casing, ensuring long-term durability and performance.


9.¬†Easy Installation: The tracker is usually designed for simple installation in a vehicle, either through wiring into the vehicle’s electrical system or using magnetic mounts for quick attachment. This facilitates easy setup and allows for flexibility in installation locations.



The 20000mAh GPS Tracker for vehicles offers a robust and feature-rich solution for tracking and monitoring vehicles. Its high-capacity battery ensures prolonged operation, while advanced GPS technology and a range of tracking features provide accurate and comprehensive vehicle information. Whether for personal use, fleet management, or enhanced vehicle security, this GPS tracker serves as a valuable tool in ensuring the safety and efficient operation of vehicles.