Employee Vehicle Tracking



Companies that have a mobile workforce may wish to gain insight into the whereabouts of their employees through GPS vehicle tracking.

How can vehicle tracking help me?

Monitoring employee vehicles can have various benefits for your company, including;
Vehicle tracking supplies you with a clear understanding of your employees’ whereabouts and can assist in deciding whether or not you need to pursue further action to keep productivity up.
At Trojan Surveillance, we can provide discreet vehicle tracking in the whole of the UK, including London. Our operations team are highly skilled and can ensure that the GPS tracking devices are deployed covertly (when needed) and unobtrusively.
Reasons why you may want to track company vehicles include;

How does Vehicle Tracking in the UK work?

GPS tracking devices connect to the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) that provides a network of satellites which track signals from GPS devices such as the one deployed onto your employee’s vehicles.
Your case handler investigator working with you will deploy the trackers on the vehicles you wish to track. They will then be able to monitor the signals from these devices and interpret the current location and other data from these messages. They will then ‘translate’ this data into their report – so the information you receive is much more user-friendly.
Your case handler can monitor the GPS tracking device 24/7 and can provide updates upon request.

Covert Vehicle Tracking in the UK

Trojan Surveillance offers several types of vehicle tracking. For some employers, they may wish to place tracking devices on their company fleet without forewarning. For example, if you suspect an employee is not carrying out their duties correctly, you may wish to track their vehicle during company time to see what they are doing. This type of surveillance is called covert vehicle tracking.
Our deployment and use of GPS Electronic Tracking Devices complies with the Guide & Policy published by the Association of British Investigators.
Trojan Surveillance has a network of highly skilled private investigators throughout the country and can provide employee vehicle tracking anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Contacting an Investigator in the UK

Our deployment and use of GPS Electronic Tracking Devices complies with the Guide & Policy published by the Association of British Investigators.’


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