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Our investigators can assist you with cohabitation surveillance if you need to know who is living somewhere. Difficult former partners, tenants and people living where they should not be are all examples of why we are asked to investigate cohabitation issues.

Cohabitation Investigations – Why Are They Needed?

Cohabitation investigations are required in several different circumstances;
Trojan Surveillance has carried out cohabitation surveillance on behalf of housing associations, private landlords, former partners and local councils.
As part of a maintenance agreement, one partner may offer spousal support under the circumstances that they will on receive it if they do not live with anyone other than their children. If a partner suspects that this agreement has been broken, they may wish to gather the evidence they need to prove that their ex-spouse is violating the terms of the maintenance agreement agreed by the court.
Housing associations may wish to engage cohabitation investigations if they suspect tenants are living unlawfully within their properties. Perhaps, one person moved in, but now you have reasons to believe that they are no longer there but someone is still living in the home.
Private landlords and also housing associations that suspect illegal subletting have used our cohabitation surveillance to get the facts right before they go about having unlawful tenants evicted.

Investigating Your Spouse – Is It Right?

We have had many concerned ex-spouses worry that an investigation on their former partner would worsen an already volatile situation. Trojan Surveillance understand these concerns and operate a discreet and honest investigation service. Our promise to you is to remain completely anonymous in our surveillance operations – minimising the potential risk of upsetting your relationship with your former partner.
Trojan Surveillance investigations and surveillance operations are confidential.

Hiring a Private Investigator in London and the UK

Trojan Surveillance provide specialist detectives around the United Kingdom. Our team recognise that for many, hiring a private investigator may seem an arduous process. However, our team do everything they can to make the process as simple as possible.
Upon initially contacting a member of our support team you will be given the opportunity to voice the reasons why you require a private investigator. We will then discuss your options regarding which investigative department is best suited to your case.
You will be appointed a case handler who will be your point of contact and will provide you with detailed reports about the investigation.

Contacting An Investigator


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